We have proven that pre-fabricating material in our shop versus in the field provides the following advantages:
      20% Cost Savings.
30% Increased Productivity.
30% Faster, which improves the schedule.
Immeasurable Quality.
Having a pre-fabrication facility gives us a competitive edge and enables us to control the quality and the schedule on even the most complex, fast-track projects. With over 70,000 square feet of fabrication facilities, including our ultra high purity clean room, our high purity piping fab, our piping fab shop, and our plumbing fab shop, we are able to fabricate virtually any component necessary with excess capacity, including:
  • Welding to ASME standards B31.1, B3.3, and AWS D.1.1.
  • Welding procedures for virtually all sizes, types of material and process including:
    • orbital welding,
    • automatic welding,
    • flux core,
    • mig and tig
    • submerged arc and brazing.
  • UL Label.
  • CAD pipe for spooling and traceability.
  • Weld mapping.
  • QA and NITC certified medical gas inspectors, ASME/SNT-TC-1A Level II.