Emerson College

Los Angeles, California

General Contractor: Hathaway Dinwiddie
Contract Value: $2.7M
Year Completed: 2014
Scope of Work: Plumbing
Services: Detailing, Fab, Install
Delivery: Plan & Spec
LEED® Gold Certification


This Thom Mayne designed mixed-use structure is one of the most interesting pieces of architecture to hit Los Angeles in years.  Construction on this ten-floor college was  completed in early 2014 and provides instructional space, housing for up to 217 students and faculty, room for a small restaurant at ground level, and 16,000 square feet of open space. 

Composed of two slender residential towers bridged by a multi-use platform, the 10-story square frame encloses a central open volume to create a flexible outdoor “room.” A sculpted form housing classrooms and administrative offices weaves through the void, defining multi-level terraces and active interstitial spaces that foster informal social activity and creative cross-pollination. Looking out onto the multi-level terrace, exterior corridors to student suites and common rooms are shaded by an undulating, textured metal scrim spanning the full height of the towers’ interior face. credit