Excellent service and cooperation



“I want to thank you for your teams excellent service and cooperation. Last week we had DWP working on our site here at the Getty Center. At the end of the day they had broken a sewer pipe and because they had no overtime in their job, they decided to leave without fixing the problem. I had called Phil Keeny to see if he had anyone available in the area for emergency repair. He said he would be right over and take a look at it. Getty could have temporarily fixed it and had us come back and do a permanent fix at a later date, but Phil said it could be fixed properly that night if overtime was approved. Phil personally drove, to I believe to Pomona, to get the pipe and came back to fix it that night in the rain. Thus saving time on our schedule money by not having to do it twice and the environmental impacts that could have arisen if it were not fixed.


I know Murray Co. is not a “repair service” contractor but the service we get from your organization is what keeps us as a contractor held in high regards with the owner. You don’t always hear that and that is why I wanted to pass it on to you.


Thank you for making us look good to the owner. It is what gets us repeat business thought the development / construction industry.


Thanks again,

Hathaway Dinwiddie”


March 2014 

Subject: Getty Center