Renovations  •  Infection controls  •  System installation cleanliness  •  Bracing installations


Murray Company has the most experience in the healthcare industry of any mechanical and plumbing contractor in the State of California. We balance the quality, speed, safety and precision required to meet the technical needs of the healthcare industry. We specialize in constantly evolving OSHPD requirements such as specific permitting processes and notifications, deferred approval and post-approval change order documentation, occupancy criteria, equipment special seismic certification, and structural implications to mechanical and plumbing distribution.

The secret to our achievements is our expert installers, engineers, 3D designers, managers and specialized support professionals sustained by superior fabrication and training facilities, extensive equipment fleet and tool inventory and backbone offices.

Our healthcare division excels at pre-construction services, critical application of 3D modeling and coordination with all trades, the transformation of the model used to maximize fabrication, system integration, and phasing of area occupation for upgrades and renovations, infection control processes, system installation cleanliness, and bracing installations.




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