Extraordinary Effort




Yesterday afternoon we uncovered a deteriorated water main.  While discussing how to go about replacing the deteriorated portion of the main, it blew out.  Your crew promptly shut down that main before any significant damage occurred and they then worked throughout the night, along side Hathaway Dinwiddie’s folks, to replace this water main and restore water service to our Field House.  Rapid restoration was critical since Pepperdine was hosting an intercollegiate volleyball tournament with teams arriving and practicing today.  It would have been a disaster if our locker rooms, rest rooms, and all other water service to the Field House were not available today. 

I just want to express my personal gratitude, as well as the appreciation of Pepperdine University and Pepperdine Athletics for the extraordinary effort of your crew to do whatever it took to solve this problem and restore water service to the Field House.


Wayne Buck
Pepperdine University”


August 29, 2013 

Subject: Pepperdine Athletics Project