Huntington Memorial | West Tower

Pasadena, California

General Contractor: McCarthy Builders
Contract Value: $16.7M
Year Completed: 2006
Scope of Work: Plumbing, Site Utilities, HVAC
Services: Design, 3D/BIM, Detailing, Fab
Delivery: General Contracting. OSHPD


Construction consisted of seven floors and a basement (237,734 sq. ft.) for the kitchen and cafeteria, dining area, labs and patient floors. West Tower expansion was Phase 2 of existing East Tower which had two previous expansions: Phase 1-3 Levels to the North and Phase 1A-4 Levels vertically. 


Murray Company performed the plumbing, including medical gas, plumbing waters, drainage and DI. All wetside piping including heating and chilled hydronic, steam, condensate and heating hot water equipment. site utilities and mechanical. Integration into existing facility.