Hyperion Water Treatment Plant

El Segundo, California

General Contractor: Direct
Contract Value: $10M
Year Completed: 2010
Scope of Work: Mechanical Piping
Services: Design Engineering, Install
Delivery: General Contracting


 This project will consist of installing and operating a digester gas/natural gas-fueled combined cycle cogeneration system at HTP. The cogeneration system will include the combustion of digester gas (or digester gas/natural gas mixture) in three combustion turbine generators (CTGs) to generate electricity, the recovery of heat to generate steam in three HRSGs, the generation of power from a steam turbine generator train (two STGs), and the extraction of a portion of the steam to meet the steam demand of the digesters.

The proposed project will offer efficient utilization of the digester gas and improve operations for BOS. DGUP will consume all digester gas produced at HTP, address energy needs by generating up to 34 MW of electricity, and provide up to 70,000 lb/hr of 90 psig saturated process steam.


Murray Company was responsible for design and installation of the Plant Digester GAS Siloxane removal