L.A. Federal Courthouse

Los Angeles, California

General Contractor: Clark Construction
Contract Value: $8.4M
Year Completed: 2016
Scope of Work: Plumbing
Design Engineering, Fab, Install
Delivery, Design-Assist, Lump Sum
LEED® Platinum Certification


Project Description:  10-story, 600,000 square-foot court building. Referred to as the “Cube” because of its shape, the new facility will feature 24 courtrooms and 32 justice chambers. A sky-lit central courtyard (“Light Court“) at the structure’s core will provide natural light and circulation to the building’s interior spaces. The Cube will be anchored by two levels of below-grade parking, as well as mechanical and back-of-house spaces. The design features an innovative structural engineering concept that allows the cubic volume to “float” over a stone base while being one of the nation’s safest buildings in regards to bomb threats and earthquakes.

Photo courtesy of SOM