Microchip Manufacturing Fab D1X

Hillsboro, Oregon

General Contractor: Hoffman
Contract Value: Confidential
Year Completed: 2013
Scope of Work: Process 
Services: Design, Detailing, Fab
Delivery: Plan & Spec


Project Description:  Construction of a new 300mm fab, D1X in Oregon.  Construction began on the $5 billion+ plant in mid- 2010 and was completed in 2013. It will ramp using 14nm process on 300mm wafers; Fabrication D1C – Process (Wafer, node) 300 mm, 14nm and beyond.

The first advanced front-end facility to be built in the U.S. since Fab 32 in Arizona broke ground in late 2005 , this will be a new R & D facility in Oregon, dubbed Fab D1X. Four other existing 300mm fabs will be upgraded for the volume production migration to the 22nm node at a cost of between US $6 and US $8 billion.

The fab upgrades will support the ramp of a 22nm microprocessor that is planned in late 2011. These fabs include Fab 12 and Fab 32 in Arizona and  D1C and D1D in Oregon, originally development fabs. 

Some info and photo courtesy of www.fabtech.org