Mojave Solar Plant

Hinkley, California (near Barstow)

General Contractor: Abeinsa Project
Contract Value: $25M
Year Completed: 2014
Scope of Work: Mechanical
Services: Fabrication
Delivery: Lump Sum


Project Description: Mojave Solar Project (MSP) One of the world’s largest parabolic trough concentrating solar power plants scheduled for completion in 2014 will produce the equivalent of energy needed to serve 88,000 households while preventing 350,000 tons of CO2 Emissions per year, as compared to a natural gas plant.


Murray Company was awarded the Mojave Solar Fabrication for both Alpha and Beta Plants with a contract value of $1.3 million for fabrication of carbon steel pipe ranging from 3” to 54” for the condenser water system at Alpha and Beta Plants. After fabrication, pipe is shipped to Mobile Pipe (pipe coatings subcontractor) for blasting and painting before it is delivered to the site for installation by another contractor. The schedule for this job is extremely aggressive with all work to be completed in nine weeks.