Pomona College Residence Hall

Claremont, California

General Contractor: Hathaway Dinwiddie
Contract Value: $1.8M
Year Completed: 2011
Scope of Work: Plumbing
Services: 3D/BIM, Fabrication, Installation
Delivery: Plan & Spec
LEED® Platinum Certification
Ranked Top 10 Greenest Dorms by Best Colleges


This project for Pomona College North Campus Residence Halls and Parking Garage consisted of two buildings – Building A and Building B.  Both are three floor levels high with a garage level of 75,767 sq. ft. The residence halls house three- to six-bedroom suites, as well as study rooms, lounges and kitchens, laundry, and storage. The Residence Halls house 150 students in a single room suite.


The project was a plans and spec job with engineering performed by ME Engineering. Murray Company installed the Domestic Hot Water, Cold Water, Storm Drain and Waste-Vent plumbing systems. Access was very difficult and planning ahead was very important. Murray Company performed 3D and fabrication for a more efficient installation.