Environmental, Safety & Health


Safety is our highest priority…

Our commitment to safety goes beyond compliance.

  • Our Experience Modifier Record is well-respected industry wide.
  • Murray Company’s effective safety culture uses empowerment as its core. 
  • We train all employees on good safety practices.


We have written a Health and Safety Program that meets, and in many cases, exceeds all State and Federal OSHA Standards. 

  • Best safety practices, training, and continued education initiatives company-wide
  • Daily pre-task planning beginning at the start of each shift allowing every crew member the opportunity to express any safety concerns associated with the day’s scope  
  • Qualified in-house training for CPR and first aid, fork-lift, scissor-lift, and competent person certifications
  • Bi-Annual Supervisor Meetings
  • Over 150 Foreman, Supervisors, Project Managers, and Project Engineers with OSHA 30-Hour Certification
  • Full-time Safety Director with 6 full-time Safety Managers and additional staff to support our program
  • Weekly “Tool Box” safety meetings to keep our employees up to date on relevant safety issues
  • Prompt and thorough investigations of each incident to reveal unsafe working conditions or practices, correct, and avoid future occurrences within our own work force as well as other trades
  • Monthly Incidents and near miss reviews by a Safety Committee that includes insurance and safety professionals.
  • Safety Communications Sharepoint for important announcements, requirements, alerts, and reference documents.
  • Proactive back-to-work programs to assist injured employees.


The Experience Modifier Rate (“EMR rate” as it is called in the insurance industry), is a numerical expression of a company’s accident and injury record compared with the average for the firm’s industry. An experience mod of 1.0 means a company has an average safety record, while an experience mod of 0.80, for example, means a company has a good safety record that merits at least a 20 percent discount. An experience mod of 1.20 means the company’s accident rate is above the industry norm and raises its costs by at least 20 percent.