Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Management has developed QA/QC procedures and standard operating procedures (SOPs)  in accordance with ASME, ANSI/AWS, USP, CFR, FDA, AWWA, SEMI, OSHPD, NFPH 99, 99c and 13 UBC, UPC, UMC for plumbing, piping, mechanical, process ultra high purity piping systems, along with standard material specifications and installation specifications.


Compliance with the following:


  • USP
  • CFR
  • FDA 
  • AWWA
  • SEMI
  • UBC
  • UPC
  • UMC
  • ISPE Baseline
  • NFPH 99, 99c, & 13
  • ASME (including BPE)
  • ASME BPVC Welding/Brazing Qualifications Section IX
  • PVDF Socket Fusion Welders
  • PVDF Butt Fusion Welders
  • PVDF Butt (BCF) Fusion Welders
  • PP Socket Fusion Welders
  • PP Butt Fusion Welders
  • PVC Socket Fusion Welders


In-house inspection equipment:

  • Digital Borescopes
  • Profilometers
  • Dial Calipers
  • Dial Indicators
  • Particle Counters
  • Trace Oxygen Analyzers
  • Trace Moisture Analyzers
  • Helium Leak Detectors
  • X-Ray Fluorescents (Niton Gun) 


Trained in and certified as: 

  • ASME Level II Visual Testing (VT)
  • Training and Certification SNT-TC-1A
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • Leak Testing (LT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • NITC Certified Medical Gas Inspector


 Other Training: 

  • Video Borescope
  • Surface Profilometers
  • Helium Leak Detection
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Particle Counters (CNC)
  • Particle Counters (Laser)
  • O2 Analyzers
  • Moisture Analyzers
  • ANSI/AWS Structural welding
  • Clean Room

We provide standard operating procedures (SOPs), commissioning,
and QA/QC manuals for: 

  • General Piping and Support Systems
  • Ultra High Purity Piping Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities (cGMP installations)
  • OSHPD Installations
  • AWWA
  • AWS
  • ASME
  • Start-up and Commissioning
  • Turnover Packages


ASME/NBIC Code Stamps:

  • A:  Field Assembly of HRSG’s / Power Boilers
  • PP:  Design and Fabricate or Install Power Piping
  • U:  Design and Fabricate Div. 1 Pressure Vessels
  • R:  Repair of Power Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping
  • NB:  Stamp Name Plates with NB serial numbers 



Our well-equipped pipe fabrication facility ensures that critical project installation schedules are fulfilled. Shop/field welders are certified to ASME/AWS Code criteria and updated as industry standards dictate.  Our 50 qualified welding procedures include but are not limited to Hastelloy, Duplex, Chromes, AL6XN and other steel combinations.

To meet the client’s stringent specifications, our Quality Programs are managed by a licensed professional engineer and further staffed by ASNT Level II and AWS CWI.  Our project specific quality plans meet or exceed the client’s specification and ensures materials, fabrications, installations and final testing meet the specification and governing code requirements. These QC Plans are in addition to our approved Quality Programs. 


Murray extends an invitation to visit our corporate office and tour our fabrication facility, including our Class 10 cleanroom for Biopharmaceutical and Semiconductor fabrications.