Water Garden Campus Refresh

Santa Monica, California

General Contractor: Morley Builders
Contract Value: $705K
Year Completed: 2016
Scope: Plumbing, General Engineering
Design Engineering, Fabrication, Installation
Delivery: Design-Assist, Lump Sum
LEED® Gold Certification


Project Description: The Water Garden Refresh Transformation is a luxury office campus located on a 17-acre campus near the gateway of Silicon Beach in Santa Monica. The project is comprised of six 6-story glass towers and two 5-story glass tower totaling 1.27 million square feet with three levels of subterranean parking. 

Originally built in two phases, the offices and surrounding grounds received enhancements inside and out, providing a beautiful and impressive new look for this expansive office campus. Interior improvements included upgrades to the lobbies, restrooms, and elevators. Exterior improvements were environmentally-minded and involved redistributions of the water features, pathways, and landscaping. The buildings remained occupied throughout construction adding a layer of complexity to the renovation project.


Murray Company’s scope of work was to relocate the utilities in the parking structure. Storm Drain Installation 18 inch stainless tying into 30 inch runs through existing parking structure and tying into street. Our contract also included restroom upgrades, fixtures replacement, landscaping drainage, and redistributions of the water features.



Customer Testimonial:

I just got back from a visit to the Water Garden. It had been a while since I was there, and now everything in installed. Without exaggerating too much, the piping work at the geocell system is pert near a work of art. Very impressive! This was truly a collaborative effort, and I want to thank you and your whole team for all the design-assist work you and Jayson did to make this thing work. And not just for the geocell system, the whole drainage mess! A very difficult and unusual job for me, and I learned a lot. Murray in my mind made it happen.

So thanks again,


Bill Boehle, Construction Coordinator
Morley Construction Company | Benchmark Contractors, Inc.